Vietnam - Providence Orphanage

Vietnam - Providence Orphanage

As an orphan, I was brought to Providence Orphanage in Cần Thơ,Việt Nam under unknown circumstances. Nestled in the Mekong, seeing the orphanage for the first time as an adult was certainly an eye opening experience as many of the children have cerebral palsy and birth defects in part to Agent Orange decades later.

The needs at Providence are vast and basic milk and diapers can go a long way. I enjoyed playing with many of the children and you can tell that they crave and want more interaction and play. The Director and staff at Providence are wonderful and certainly do what they can with the resources available. For me personally, this is a full-circle moment and so proud to assist with my orphanage. I have high hopes that we can help them in a substantial way.


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  • Providence Orphanage Cần Thơ, Việt Nam

    Being back at my orphanage seemed surreal. It was sad to see how many children still need care but hopeful to see people who care tremendously about them.

  • The sisters and adoptees

    We had the pleasure of visiting with some of the nuns and other adoptees. It turns out I may have been crib mates with one of them!

  • School at Orphanage

    Formerly owned by the Providence nuns, the facility now belongs to the government. A school now accompanies the orphanage on the premises.

  • Children at Providence

    There are approximately 110 children at Providence Orphanage in which 80 have disabilities.

  • Cerebral palsy in Vietnam

    There is a higher rate of CP in Vietnam. Studies are still on-going regarding the effects of Agent Orange on generations after the war.

  • Play time

    Many of the children are very outgoing and love to play and interact. Other children have mobility issues but are still very inquisitive and a joy to be with.

  • Nap time

    Children have beds to sleep and the facility is clean and run well. The challenge is having enough human resources for all the children.

  • My hope is...

    To be able to help Providence with enough milk and diapers along with a longer term goal to assist with additional caretakers.