Friends for all Children Orphanage - Bangkok Thailand

Friends for all Children Orphanage - Bangkok Thailand

Partnering with Friends for All Children in Bangkok was very serendipitous!

When I was adopted, I came through Friends for All Children in Boulder, Colorado that operated during the Fall of Saigon to bring South Vietnamese children to the United States.  Fast forward to present day, we (my wife and I) were looking for orphanages in Thailand and found "Friends for All Children" (FFAC).  Could this be the same organization that is still in operation? 

We met the Director of FFAC, Mrs. Saovanee who has been running the orphanage for over 45 years and indeed confirmed that FFAC Bangkok was connected with FFAC Boulder (which has been out of service for decades).  Mrs. Saovanee and her wonderful staff have dedicated their lives to taking care of these children.  The "youngest" staff member has been there for 25 years day in and day out.

FFAC is a last resort for many of these children and we have high hopes to be able to provide much needed assistance.


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  • Friends for All Children - Bangkok

    I came to the U.S. through Friends for All Children (FFAC) in Colorado. I can't believe this FFAC in Bangkok is related and still in operation 40+ years later.

  • Mrs. Saovanee Nilavongse, Director FFAC

    My wife and I had the privilege and honor to meet Mrs. Saovanee who has been working at FFAC for over 45 years. Her dedication to these children is simply amazing.

  • The FFAC Staff

    We could not believe that all the staff at FFAC has been there for over 25 years. You can see the love for these children in their interactions and the reciprocation from the children themselves.

  • Small Orphanage

    FFAC is a small orphanage that usually houses between 10-20 children. Sometimes FFAC is the last resort for these children that might come from bigger, overcrowded state orphanages.

  • The Children

    We had the opportunity to play with and help feed these wonderful children full of energy and spirit. Not surprising, they gravitated toward the phone once they saw it and figured out how to take pictures quickly.